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第一部分 听力 (共两节,满分30分)


1. What’s the most probable relationship between the two speakers?

A. Mother and son. B. Brother and sister. C. Customer and shop assistant.

2. How much does the woman have to pay for the pen?

A. 78.4 yuan B. 88.2 yuan. C. 98 yuan.

3. What are the two speakers doing?

A. Swimming in the sea. B. taking a sunbath. C. Enjoying a walk

4. Where does the conversation take place?

A. At home B.At school. C.Over the phone.

5. What did the man visit today?

A. The Lama Temple B. The Summer Place. C. The Confucius Temple..



6. Where is the man doing?

A. Doing a survey. B.Trying to recommend a product. C. Showing how to operate a robot

7. How does the woman react in the end?

A. She says she’s busy B. She is very curious.. C. She shows no interest.


8. What does the woman want the man to do?

A.Buy her an iPad4. B.Give her some money. C.Give his iPad4 to her

9. How does the man react to the woman’s request?

A. He is happy about it. B. He is interested in it. C. He refuses her request.


10. How did the woman find her airplane ride?

A. Terrible. B. Relaxing C. Exciting..

11. Why didn’t the woman listen to music?.

A. Because she didn’t like music.

B. Because she wanted to chat with the couple.

C. Because her ears ached when she did that.

12. What did the woman do this morning?

A. She watched a movie. B. She went to see a doctor. C. She bought a pair of earphones.


13. Why didn’t the woman go to the man’s party?

A. Because she took her grandmother to hospital.

B. Because she hadn’t received the man’s invitation.

C. Because she went to visit her grandmother at the hospital.

14. What do we know about the woman’s grandmother?

A.She doesn’t know about traffic rules.

B.She got hurt when she was driving.

C. She’ll stay in hospital for just several days.

15. Who mostly went to the man’s party?

A. His friends. B. His classmates. C. His relatives.

16. Where will the speakers most probably go next?

A. A Chinese restaurant. B. An Italian restaurant. C. A French restaurant.


17. What can we know about family farming?

A. It is a big failure. B. It is a new kind of farming. C. It is common around the world.

18. What’s the purpose of making 2014 the “International Year of Family Farming”?

A. To increase public understanding of family farming.

B. To attract more people to work on agriculture.

C. To create a festival for family farmers.

19. What is a problem family farms face?

A. Family farmers retire too young.

B. It’s hard for family farms to find workers.

C. Family farms don’t provide good worker benefits.

20. How many goals of the FAO are mentioned in the text?

A. 4. B.5. C. 6.

第二部分? 阅读理解(满分40分)



Have you ever wondered what a Degree might be worth to you in your job or career(事业)? It means a lot of Americans with an Associate Degree average nearly $10,000 more in yearly earnings than those with just a High School Diploma(毕业证).

Harcourt Learning Direct offers you a way to get a Specialized Associate Degree in 11 of today’s growing fields-without having to go to college full time. With Harcourt, you study at home, in your spare time-so you don’t have to give up your present job while you train for a better one. Choose from exciting majors like Business Management, Accounting, Dressmaking &Design, Bookkeeping, Photography, Computer Science, Engineering, and more! Your training includes everything you need! Books, lessons, learning aids-even professional-quality tools and equipment-everything you need to master your training and more ahead to a new career is included in the low tuition(学费) price you pay. Your education is nationally recognized! Nearly 2, 000 American companies-including General Electric, IBM, Mobile, General Motors, Ford, and many others-have used our training for their employees. If companies like these recognize the value of our training, you can be sure that employees in your area will, too!

Earn your degree in as little as two years! Get a career diploma in just six months! The career of your dreams is closer than you think! Even if you have no experience before, you can get valuable job skills in today’s hottest fields! Step-by-step lessons make learning easy. Prepare for promotions(提升), pay raises, even start a business of your own! Send today for FREE information about Harcourt at home training!

Simply fill in your name and address on the coupon(票券) above. Then write in the name and number of the one program you’re most interested in, and mail it today. We’ll rush your free information about how you can take advantage of the opportunities(机会) in the field you’ve chosen. Act today!

Mail coupon today! Or call the number below 1-800-372-1589. Call any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. www. Harcourt-learning. Com E-mail:Harcourt@learning. com.

21. This advertisement aims at calling on people to ________.

A. attend full-time universities

B. work part time to further their education

C. improve their education at home to get better jobs

D. earn their degrees in different ways that suit them

22. Which of the following is NOT clearly mentioned in this advertisement?

A. The way how you will get your degree.

B. Tuition price.

C. The hot fields you will be preparing yourself for.

D. The length of time it will take you to get a degree.

23. What does the writer of this ad intend to say by naming General Electric, IBM, Ford, etc.?

A. To show that their training is widely used in the country.

B. To show that the training program is fully supported by famous companies in the U. S.

C. To prove the value of their training in every area.  

D. To show the importance of getting recognized by the most famous companies.

24. How many ways are mentioned in the ad for people to get in touch with the Harcourt Learning Direct?

A. One.    ??  B. Two.  ??   C. Three.  ?    D. Four.


Even before my father left us, my mother had to go back to work to support our family. Once I came out of the kitchen, complaining, “Mom, I can’t peel potatoes. I have only one hand.”

Mom never looked up from sewing. “You get yourself into that kitchen and peel those potatoes,” she told me. “And don’t ever use that as an excuse for anything again!”

In the second grade, our teacher lined up my class on the playground and had each of us race across the monkey bars, swinging from one high steel rod to the next. When it was my turn, I shook my head. Some kids behind me laughed, and I went home crying.

That night I told Mom about it. She hugged me, and I saw her “we’ll see about that” look. The next afternoon, she took me back to school. At the deserted playground, Mom looked carefully at the bars.

“Now, pull up with your right arm,” she advised. She stood by as I struggled to lift myself with my right hand until I could hook the bar with my other elbow. Day after day we practiced, and she praised me for every rung I reached. I’ll never forget the next time, crossing the rungs, I looked down at the kids who were standing with their mouths open.

One night, after a dance at my new junior high, I lay in bed sobbing. I could hear Mom come into my room. “Mom,” I said, weeping, “none of the boys would dance with me.”

For a long time, I didn’t hear anything. Then she said, “Oh, honey, someday you’ll be beating those boys off with a bat.” Her voice was faint and cracking. I peeked out from my covers to see tears running down her cheeks. Then I knew how much she suffered on my behalf. She had never let me see her tears.

25. Which of the following expressions can be used most suitably to describe Mom’s attitude when she made the child to peel potatoes?

A. Cruel. B. Serious. C. Strict. D. Cold.

26. From the passage, we know monkey bars can help a child train ______.

A. the skill to throw and catch things B. the speed of one’s hand movement

C. the strength and skill to hang and sway D. the bodily skill to rotate round a bar

27. What does the sentence “I saw her ‘we’ll see about that’ look” imply?

A. Mom believed every aim could be achieved if you stuck to it.

B. The race across monkey bars was not difficult enough for a child to give up.

C. Mom was determined to prove she herself was better than the teacher.

D. What the child had said brought Mom great attraction and curiosity.

28. When the child looked down at the kids, they were standing with their mouths open because ______.

A. they felt sorry for what they had done before

B. they were afraid the author might fall off and get hurt

C. they wanted to see what the author would do on the bars

D. they were astonished to find the author’s progress


To Whom It May Concern:

Your address was forwarded to us by How to Magazine. All of us here think The International Institute of Not Doing Much is the best organization in the world. You know how to avoid unnecessary activities!

As a matter of fact, we closely followed the advice in your article. First, we replaced all our telephones with carrier pigeons. Simply removing the jingle of telephones and replacing them with the pleasant sounds of birds has had a remarkable effect on everyone. Besides, birds are cheaper than telephone service. After all, we are a business. We have to think of the bottom line. As a side benefit, the birds also fertilize the lawn outside the new employees’ sauna(桑拿房).

Next, we sold the computers off to Stab, Grab, Grit, and Nasty, a firm of lawyers nearby. Our electricity bill went way down. Big savings! The boss is impressed. We have completely embraced paper technology. Now that we all use pencils, doodling is on the increase, and the quality of pencil woman ship is impressive, as you can tell from my handwriting in this letter. By the way, if you can, please send this letter back to us. We can erase and reuse it. Just tie it to Maggie’s leg and she’ll know where to take it.

Now it’s very calm and quiet here. You can notice the difference. No more loud chatter on the telephones! All we hear is the scratching of pencil on paper, the sound of pigeons, and the delivery of inter-office correspondence by paper airplane.

Wonderful! I’ve always wanted to work for an insurance company ever since I was a little girl. Now it’s perfect.

Sincerely yours,

Eleanor Lightly

Spokeswoman and Company Hair Stylist

ABC Activity Insurance: insure against overdoing it

29. Which of the following best describes the life the author is leading?

A. A simple, slow-paced life. B. A life of hard work and security.

C. A religious, peasant-like life. D. A life away from paper and pencils.

30. Where is Eleanor’s letter sent to?

A. How To Magazine.

B. ABC Activity Insurance Company.

C. Stab, Grab, Grit, and Nasty Law Firm.

D. The International Institute of Not Doing Much.

31. Which of the following is practiced in the author’s company?

A. Replacing the manual work system with modern technology.

B. Turning off lights in the daytime to save electricity.

C. Recycling paper resources whenever possible.

D. Buying birds and pets as company for the staff.

32. What is true about Maggie?

A. She works as a manager in the author’s company.

B. She sometimes helps fertilize the lawn outside the sauna.

C. She often helps with inter-office correspondence using e-mail.

D. Her handwriting has improved a lot after entering the company.


Few of us haven’t read Cinderella, the story of a young woman living in poverty who meets the prince of her dreams. Some might not want to admit it, but there is a hidden Cinderella in everyone’s heart—we all wish we could achieve recognition or success after a period of obscurity (默默无闻).

Mary Santiago has that secret dream, too. Her story is featured in Another Cinderella Story, a film set in a US high school.

Mary is shy but loves to dance. Compared with other girls, she is invisible. However, her world changes completely when a famous teenager pop singer, Joey Parker, appears.

Joey is everything the rest of the boys in her class are not—kind, handsome and desirable. Mary and Joey’s paths cross at a ball. They meet and fall in love with each other. But when Mary has to rush back home, she leaves behind her MP3 player, which becomes the only clue Joey has to find the girl of his dreams. Of course, there is a wicked stepmother, who turns out to be Dominique Blatt and she takes in Mary after her dancer mother dies. Dominique treats Mary like a maid and does everything she can to make sure Mary doesn’t get into the top dance school. Her two daughters are equally determined to stop Joey falling for Mary, even if that means embarrassing her.

The story, though it mostly follows Cinderella, does add a few modern day twists to the classic fairy tale. Refreshingly, the film, unlike many high school films, does not focus on looks, although the actors are all beautiful. There is also a lot less materialism in Another Cinderella Story than in many similar movies.




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