2014外研版八年级英语下册Module 1 Unit2知识精讲与单元同步练习

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2014外研版八年级英语下册Module 1 Unit2知识精讲与单元同步练习

Module 1 Feelings and impressions Unit 2 I feel nervous when I speak Chinese. 说汉语时,我感到紧张。 重点短语 hear from sb. 收到某人的来信 can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待做某事 arrive at +地点名词 到达某地 quite tall 十分高 each other 互相,彼此 thanks for doing sth. 因做某事而感谢你 love doing sth. 热爱做某事 be proud of 因...而骄傲;以...为荣 get bad marks 成绩不好 in a few days (和一般将来时连用)几天过后 feel nervous 感到紧张 be afraid of doing 害怕做某事 重点句子 Thanks for your last message. 谢谢你上一次的信。 I spend a lot of time playing classical music with my friends at school.在学校我花很多时间和朋友演奏古典音乐。 3. I’m always sorry when I don’t know how to do things in the right way.当我不知道如何以正确的方式做事情时我总是难过。 知识精讲 thanks for 意为“因...而感谢”,thanks 相当于thank you, for强调为何而感谢,其后可接名词或v-ing. Thanks for your help. 谢谢你的帮助。 Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party. 谢谢你邀请我们参加你的生日聚会。 拓展 thanks to 意为“多亏,由于”,其中的thanks不能由thank you替代,to后不能接动词原形,接对象。 Thanks to the English language, we can learn a lot from other countries. 多亏了英语这门语言,我们能从其他国家学到很多东西。

I can’t wait to meet you. 我迫不及待地想见到你。 can hardly/ can’t wait to do sth. 为固定句式,意为“迫不及待做某事” They can hardly/can’t wait to hear from you.他们迫不及待地要收到你的信。

quite和 very的区别 相同点: quite与very都是程度副词。quite意为“很;相当”,very意为“很,非常”。就程度大小而言,quite比very小。 The pen is quite new. 这支钢笔相当新。(表示它与刚买来时相差不大) The pen is very new. 这支钢笔很新。(表示它与刚买时一样新) 不同点: 无程度可言的形容词用quite修饰,不用very.如: He’s quite right.他很对。 We are quite ready to go.我们已经准备好走了。 quite 与very在句中的位置不同。 quite+限制词+形容词+名词=限制词+very +形容词+名词。 It’s quite a nice picture.它是一副相当漂亮的画。 It’s a very nice picture. 它是一副非常漂亮的画。 quite还可以修饰介词短语,而very 不能。 She stands quite behind you. 她就站在你背后。

I’m sure we’ll find each other! 我确信我们会找到彼此! sure adj. (常与of, that连用)确信的;肯定的。 I am sure that I put the money in the box. 我确定我把钱放在盒子里了。 Please make sure that the door is locked before you leave. 请你确定锁门后再离开。 I’m not sure about the practicability of their plan. 我无法确定他们那个计划的可行性。 拓展 sure adj. (与to连用) 一定的;必顶的。 We are sure to benefit from the new timetable. 我们肯定会从新的时间表受益。

each other 意为“互相”,通常指两者之间,在句中常作宾语。 You and I understand each other perfectly.你我彼此很了解。 The two girls often help each other in their lessons. 这两个女孩经常在功课上互相帮助。

相关链接: one another 意为“互相”,用来指两个以上的人或事物的相互关系。但在实际运用中,这两个短语常可互换: We respect each other (one another). 我们互相尊重(对方)。 拓展 each other和one another两者均有所有格。 They know each other’s(one another’s) weak points. 他们彼此了解对方的弱点。 注意: 汉语的“互相”是副词,但是英语中的each other 和one another均为代词,因此他们在及物动词之后可直接作宾语(如help each other);而在不及物动词之后,则要借助介词(如talk to each other, learn from one another等。)

else和other的辨析 ①else可作形容词或副词,作形容词时,常放在疑问代词、不定代词之后作后置定语;作副词时也要后置。 What else did you do?你还做了什么?(else作形容词) She has nothing else to say. 她没有别的什么可说了。(else作形容词) Where else can I go? 我还能去别的什么地方。(else作副词) Study, or else you will fail. 学习,否则你会考不及格的。(else作副词) ②other 作形容词时,用于修饰名词或某些代词,但要前置。 Where are the other students? 其他同学在哪里? I want some other books.我还想要另外一些书。 ③else后可带 “’s”, other 不能。 Who else’s bike can this be? 这可能是其他什么人的自行车呢?

I spend a lot of time playing classical music. 我花了许多时间演奏古典音乐。 spend some time (in) doing sth./on sth. 花费时间做某事/在某事上。 We spend two hours (in) finishing the task. 我们花费了两个小时完成这项任务。 拓展 spend money jon sth. 花钱买某物 I spent $10 on this dictionary. 我花10美元买了这本字典。

as well 表示“也,还”,常用于句末。 She went as well. 她也去了。 拓展 too, also, either都可以表示“也”。too用与肯定句,常位于句末;also用于肯定句,常位于助动词、be动词、情态动词之后,行为动词之前;either用于否定句,常位于句末;as well用于肯定句,常位于句末。

I’m very proud of him! 我为他感到非常骄傲 be proud of 表示“为......感到骄傲,为......感到自豪”。 We are proud of our motherland.我们为我们的祖国感到骄傲。 We are proud of our success. 我们为我们的成功感到骄傲。 【典型例题】 I some of my free time playing basketball for my school team. A.spend B.cost C.take D.pay --- What a big smile on Mr Lee’s face! --- Yeah. He is proud his students’ excellent performance. A.of B.to C.with D.in 单元练习 基础巩固题 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词 She has long f hair. His sister looks cool with g . I’m glad to h from you. I s a lot of time playing computer games. Liu Xiang’s mother is p of her son. Jim is a of flying. Thanks for t me about your hobbies. Lin Tao likes sports, (尤其是)basketball. I feel (紧张) when I answer questions. He will (到达) at the airport in the afternoon. 英汉互译 thanks for hear from each other be afraid of a bit sad 以......为荣 迫不及待地做某事 到达 几天 擅长,善于 用所给词的适当形式填空 I’m afraid of (fly). We spend 2 hours (do) our homework every day. Thanks for (help) me with my homework. They can’t wait (see) Liu Xiang. How do you feel about (play) with us? Jim is proud of (they). He enjoys (swim) very much. We don’t know how (cook). We feel (excite). The girl with (glass) is Jim’s sister. 转题型: 选词填空 see,excite,help,cook ,they,do,fly,swim,play,glass I’m afraid of . We spend 2 hours our homework every day. Thanks for me with my homework. They can’t wait Liu Xiang. How do you feel about with us? Jim is proud of . He enjoys in summer very much. We don’t know how . We feel . The girl with is Jim’s sister.

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