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1.stand up 起立

2.sit down 坐下

3.a map of China 一张中国地图

4.in English 用英语

5.speak English 说英语

6.listen to 听,倾听

7.listen to music 听音乐

8.play computer games 玩电脑游戏

9.play football 踢足球

10.watch television 看电视

11.drive a car 开车

12.play the piano 弹钢琴

13.ride a bike 骑自行车

14.in summer 在夏季

15.the first lesson 第一课

16.in Class One 在一班

17....year(s) old …岁

18.be from...(come from)来自…

19.family name 姓

20.given name 名

21.play basketball 打篮球

22.play the piano 弹钢琴

23.play tennis 打网球

24.play table tennis 打乒乓球

25.ride a horse 骑马


27. a university 一所大学

28.at school 在上学

29. a photo of Tom 一张Tom的照片

30. a dining hall 饭厅;餐厅

31.in front of 在…前面

32.next to 在…旁边

33.have got 拥有

34.has got 拥有(have got三


35.in good health 健康状况良好

36.healthy food 健康食物

37.stay (keep)healthy 保持健康

38.on birthday 在生日那天

39.live in Beijing 住在北京

40.go to the cinema 去看电影

41.see a film 看电影

42.would like =want 想;愿意…

43.would like to do sth. 想;愿意做某事

=want to do sth

44.would like sb to do sth 想让某人做某事

=want sb to do sth

45. a football match 足球比赛

46.go to a football match 去看足球比赛

47. a film star 电影明星

48.in the morning 在早晨

49.in the afternoon 在下午

50.in the evening 在傍晚

51.on Sunday 在星期日

52.on Monday morning 在星期一的上午

53.let’s do sth 让我们做某事..

54.invite sb. to sw. 邀请某人去某地55.invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事

56.ask sb. to do sth. 要求/请某人去做某事

57.ask sb. not to do sth. 要求/请某人不要做某事

58.be going to do sth. 打算做某事

59.at New Times Cinema 在新时代影院

60. a swimming lesson 游泳课

61.have swimming lessons 上游泳课

62.on the phone 通过电话

63.have classes 上课

64.do one’s homework 做家庭作业

65.visit sb.

66.visit sw. 参观某地

67.watch a football match 观看足球比赛

68.go to the playground 去操场

69.at home 在家

70.stay at home 待在家里

71.have a picnic 进行一次野餐

72.at the weekend 在周末

73.Best wishes. 致以良好的祝福

74.See you soon. 希望快点见到你

75.at nine o’clock 在九点钟

76.half past six 六点半

77.talk about 谈论…

78.What about + n. / pron. / doing?

=How about+n./ pron/ doing? (询问其他人的情况)…怎么样?

79.have a maths lesson/class =have maths 上数学课

80.school day 学校上课日

81.get up 起床

82.have breakfast 吃早饭

83.go to school 去上学

84.have a break 休息一会

85.talk to/with sb. 和某人谈话

86.go home 回家

87.have dinner 吃晚餐

88.go to bed 去睡觉

89.at work 在工作

90.finish school 放学

91.leave school 放学

92.do housework 做家务

93.study English 学英语

94.different habits 不同的习惯

95.be different from 与…不同

96.get presents 得到礼物

97.get a card 得到一张卡片

98.get sth. from sb. 从某人那里得到某

99.have a party 开晚会

100. send sb. sth. =send sth. to sb.把某物送/寄给某人

101. send it to him 把它寄给他102. give sb sth. = give sth. to sb. 把某物给某人103. buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb. 给某人买某物104. make sb sth. = make sth. for sb.为某人做某物105. make a cake (for) (为…) 制作一张卡片106. a pair of 一双;一对107. go to concerts 去听音乐会108. read novels/magazines 读小说/杂志109. lots of=a lot of 许多的 +复名/[U]n.

110. play music 演奏音乐

111. on television 通过电视, 在电视上

112. think of 想出

113. at once 立刻

114. have a good/ great time 过得愉快;玩得高兴

115. read books 读书

116. have a meal with sb. 和某人一起吃饭117. have a birthday 过生日

118. five thousand 五千

119. thousands of 成千上万的…120. every day 每天

121. come from = be from 来自…

122. a European wolf 一只.欧洲狼123. in the Arctic 在北极

124. in the desert 在沙漠里

125. in the grassland 在草原上

126. in the forest 在森林中

127. in the jungle 在丛林中

128. around the world 世界各地

129. in the world 在世界上

130. climb the tree 爬树

131. in the wild 在野外

132. from A to B 从A到B

133. 15 kilos of.. 15公斤…

134. an hour 一小时135. 12 hours a day 每天12小时136. connect A with B=connect A to B 把A与B连接起来

137. switch on = turn on 接通;开(电灯,机器等) (动副短语)

138. switch it on 把它打开

139. switch off = turn off 关闭(电灯,机器等) (动副短语)

140. how often 多久,多长时间(用来提问every day, always; never等频度副词) 141.use A to do sth. =do sth with A 用A去做某事142.next Wednesday 在下周三143. click “save”点击“保存”144. save the document 保存文件145. save money 存钱146. write a name for... 为…命/起名147. in the box 在方框里148. go online 去上网149. make a travel plan 制定一个旅行计划150. on the Internet 在互联网上

151. download music from the Internet

从网上下载音乐152. send emails 发送电子邮件153. two or three 两三(次/个…) 154. check the train timetable 查列车时刻表155. visit the website 访问某个网站156. get information (for) 获得(关于….)信息157. write to sb. 给某人写信158. at school 在学校; 在上学159. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事160. do sth. with a computer 用电脑做某事161. do sports 做运动162. tell sb. sth=tell sth to sb. 告诉某人某事163. tell sb to do sth 告诉某人去做某事164. tell sb not to do sth 告诉某人不要去做某事165. tell sb. about …告诉某人关于…的事166. Thank you for your invitation. 谢谢你的邀请167. Thanks for inviting me. 谢谢你邀请我168. like doing sth 喜欢做某事(爱好) 169. like to do sth 喜欢做某事(偶尔) 170. practise doing 练习做某事171. can do sth 能,会做某事172. can’t do sth 不能,会做某事173. a box of chocolates 一盒巧克力174. an invitation to sw. 一个去某地的邀请175. a trip to sw. 一次去某地之旅176. finish doing sth 完成做某事177. be on 上演,上映178. buy CDs by his favourite singers

买他最喜爱的歌手出的光盘179. What’s the price of A? A的价格是多少? 180. in (on)the tree 在树上181. touch your head 摸摸你的头182. practice English 练习英语183. match...with... 把…与…连接184. some women doctors 一些女医生185. work in pairs 结对练习186. to be healthy 为了健康187. a pair of trainers 一双软运动鞋188. a cinema ticket 一张电影票189.what kind of music 哪种音乐


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