2014九年级英语上册Unit 5导学案新版人教版

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2014九年级英语上册Unit 5导学案(新版人教版)

刘营初中 九 年级 英语 五步导学案 执 笔 龚琴 审 核 初三英语组 课 型 听说课 课 时 1 授课人 授课时间 姓 名 学案编号 【课 题】 Unit5 What are the shirts made of? Section A (1a―1c) 教师复备栏或 学生笔记栏 【学习目标】 掌握本课单词和短语be made of be made in; 了解一般现在时态被动语态的结构和用法; 归纳和掌握make 构成的短语 【学习重点 难点】 熟练掌握be made of be made in 的运用 【学法指导】 预习----听----说---练


【教学过程】 一、 导入(启发探究 3分钟) T: Please take out your things on your desk. We use them every day, do you really know them? Questions: Teacher: Can you tell me what these things are made of? And where are they made ? Students: _____________________. ① The books are made of paper ② The paper is made from tree. …… 二、自学(自主探究 6分钟)

1、拼读、记忆单词 material n. 材料;原料 chopstick n.筷子 coin n. 硬币 fork n. 餐叉;叉子 blouse n.(女式)短上衣;衬衫 silver n. 银;银器adj. 银色的 glass n. 玻璃 co?tton n. 棉;棉花 steel /sti:l/ n. 钢;钢铁 2、用所给动词的正确形式填空,每空一词 1.The apples are sent (send) to the factory for processing. 2. We are all ready but Tom hasn’t packed (pack) his clothes yet. 3. The windows of the room are cleaned (clean)every day. 4. The best cotton is produced (produce) in Xing Jiang in China. 5. The song isn’t liked (not like) by most of us.

3. 快速阅读1a表格部分的内容。把物品和可能构成他们的材料匹配起来。(1分钟) 4、核对检查答案,再次朗读、记忆单词。 三、交流(合作探究 10分钟) 1.听录音一次,体会语音语调、句群停顿。(1分钟) 2. 听第二遍录音,并完成课本上1b的听力任务。(1分钟) 3、再听录音一次,填空 Susan: Hi, Anita. I three shirts for 29 dollars yesterday! Anita: Oh, really? What are they of though? Sometimes the cheap ones are made of materials that don’t feel very good. Susan: A hundred percent . They’re nice and soft, and they were made in America. Anita: Oh, OK. By the way, where did you buy those ? They’re really cool! Susan: O h, I them in Korea. They’re nice, aren’t they? Anita: Yeah. Chopsticks are usually made of wood. I’ve never seen steel ones before. Susan: Oh, steel chopsticks are popular in Korea. Hey, do you think this ring looks OK? Anita: Hmm…yes, I think it’s quite pretty. Is it made of ? Susan: Yes, and it was made in Thailand. I’ll give it to my best friend for her birthday. Anita: Oh, I’m she’ll love it.

4. 听第三遍录音,并逐句进行跟读。(2分钟) 5、朗读录音材料,模仿语音语调、句群停顿。(2分钟) 6、两人一组先练习1a中的对话,再模仿1c的对话,用1b表格中的信息进行对话练习。并邀请2-3对同学当堂进行演示。(3分钟) 7. 勾画短语并读背、翻译短语。 (1分钟) Be made of What are they made of materials that don’t feel very good. A hundred percent cotton Be made in By the way Chopsticks are usually made of wood steel chopsticks are popular in Korea Is it made of silver?

四、总结(引深探究 15分钟) 1、made of. 由…制(构)成。后接构成某物质的原料。 【备课例句】 This skirt is made of silk.这件裙子是用丝绸制成的。 【横向辐射】be made of/from/up of的区别 1. be made of 表示制成成品后,仍可看出原材料是什么 保留原材料的质和形状,制作过程仅发生物理变化。 【例句】:The kite is made of paper.风筝是用纸做的。 2. be made from 表示制成的东西完全失去了原材料的外形或特征,或原材料在制作过程中发生化学变化,在成品中已无法辨认。 【例句】The paper is made from wood.纸是木头做的。 Butter is made from milk.黄油是从牛奶中提炼出来的。 3. be made up of 用…构成或组成的。指人、物皆可,指结构成分 【例句】Our class is made up of six groups. 我们班是由六个小组组成的。 4、be made in +地点 意为“在……(地方)制成”; 5、be made by 意为“被(某人)……制成”。

【课堂变式】 This dish isn’t made ____meat, it’s made ____vegetables. A. of, of B. of, from C. from, of D. from, from 【解析】由句意可知,这首菜不是肉做的,是从外表形状上看,要用of; 这首菜是用蔬菜做的而外上却看不见,要用from. 故先C。 活学活用 (1) 这个飞机模型是用木头做的。 The model plane _________ ____________ __________wood. (2)葡萄酒是由葡萄酿成的。 Wine __________ ___________ ____________ grapes. (3) 这些汽车是在上海制造的。 These cars __________ ____________ ___________ Shanghai. (4)这些蛋糕是我姐姐昨晚制作的。 These cakes ___________ _________ ________ my sister last night.

2、初中英语make短语归纳 1.make a decision 作出决定 2.make a plan for 为……订计划 3.make a record 录制唱片 4.make fun of 取笑某人 5.make sentences 造句 6.make a call 打电话 7.make a promise 答应;允诺8.make faces 做鬼脸 9.make a mistake 犯错误 10、.make friends 交朋友 11.make up 编出;编造;组成 12.make a film 拍电影 13.make a journey 进行旅行 14.make a study of 对……进行研究 15. make progress 取得进步16.make use of 利用 17.make ...into... 把……制成……18.make a trip 进行旅行 19.make no difference 对……没有关系;对……没有不同 make big difference 对……起作用;对……有影响 20.make a noise 吵闹;发噪音 21.make money 赚钱 22.make sure of 确保;确定 23.make up one's mind 下决心 24..make sure 务必;确信;务请25、.make tea 泡茶 26、.make a success 取得成功 27.make way for 给……让路 28. make no answer 不做回答 29. make the bed 铺床 30. make repairs 维修;修理 31. make preparations for 为……做准备 32.make a joke about sb开……的玩笑33. make a mark 作记号 34.make achievements 取得成就 35.make an agreement 达成协议 36.make up for 弥补 37.make a list of 将…列表 38.make a copy of 将……复制一份39.make room for 为……腾地方 40.make coffee 煮咖啡 41.make a living 谋生 42.make music 创作音乐 43.make trouble 闹事;捣乱 44.make a fire 生火 五、练评(包含“考点链接” 应用探究 6分钟) 半系动词   半系动词通常可以和形容词连用,有些半系动词可以和介词短语或as if等连词连用。现将半系动词分为四类进行讨论。   1、“感官动词”类:look、 feel、 smell、 taste、 sound等,例如:   (1)The story sounds____. A. to be true B. as true C.being true D.true   (2)Those oranges taste____.A.good B.well C. to be good D.to be well   (3)―Are you feeling_______ --Yes I'm fine now.    A.any well B.any better C. quite good D. quite better   (4)―Do you like the material --Yes it ______very well.(    A.is feeling B.felt C.feels D.is felt   (5)―How are you today --Oh I_____ as ill as Ido now for a very long time.    A.didn't feel B.wasn' t feeling C.don't feel D.haven' t felt   (6)―You don' t look very______. Are you ill --No I'm just a bit tired.    A.good B.well C.strong D.healthy    2、“状态变化”类:get turn go come become grow fall make等,例如:   (1)―How long_____ each other before they ______married?    --For about a year.    A.have they known get   B.did they know were going to get    C.do they know are going to get D.had they known got   (2)Cleaning women in big cities usually get_____by the hour.    A.pay B.paying C.paid D.to pay   (3) As we joined the big crowd I got ______from my friends.    A.separated B.spared C.lost D.missed   (4)Be careful when you cross this very busy street. If not you may ______ run over by a car. A.have B.get C.become D.turn   (5)―How are the team playing    --They are playing well but one of them ______ hurt.    A.got B.gets C.are D.were

  3、“保持不变”类:stay lie stand keep remain continue等,例如:   (1)Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple but It remains ______ whether they will enjoy it.       A.to see B.to be seen C.seeing D.seen   (2) --Mummy can I put the peaches in the cupboard    --No dear. They don't ______well. Put them in the fridge instead.    A.keep B.fit C.get D.last   (3) Why don't you put the meat in the fridge    It will______ fresh for several days.    A.be stayed B.stay   C.be staying   D. have stayed

被动语态练习 ( ) 1. ____________last week? A. What happened to her B. What was happened to her C. What was she happened ( ) 2. One third of the earth’s surface _________ water. A. is covered by B. was covered by C. covers by ( ) 3. Tables were used _________ desks when we were young. A. by B. as C. to ( ) 4. The boy_______ Tom is made________ without food every day A. named, work B. called, sing C. named, to dance ( ) 5. Flight MH730 from Malaysia to Beijing disappeared ________ March 8. A on B. in C. at ( ) 6. ________ is used for making knives in most of China. A. Steel B. Bamboo C. wood ( )7. Silver __________ a ring for money. A. is usually made into B. is usually made of C. is usually made from ( ) 8. This is a __________ story that I will never forget. A. historical B. history C. historic ( ) 9. I like the dumplings made ________ my mother best. A. in B. from C. by ( ) 10. _________ are usually put on windows or doors during the Spring Festival. A. Clays B. Paper cuttings C. Sky lanterns

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  • 九年级英语上册Unit 5导学案新版人教版"},{
  • 九年级英语上册Unit 5导学案新版人教版"},{
  • 2014九年级英语上册第五单元Section A导
  • 2014九年级英语上册第五单元Section A导
  • 2014九年级英语上册第五单元Section A导
  • 2014九年级英语上册第五单元Section A导
  • 2014年九年级英语上册第五单元Section B
  • 2014年九年级英语上册第五单元Section B
  • 2014年九年级英语上册第五单元Section B
  • 2014年九年级英语上册第五单元Section B
  • 2014年新版人教版九年级英语上册第一单元导学案"
  • 2014年新版人教版九年级英语上册第一单元导学案"
  • 2014九年级英语上册第九单元Section A导
  • 2014九年级英语上册第九单元Section A导
  • 2014九年级英语上册第九单元Section B导
  • 2014九年级英语上册第九单元Section B导
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