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1.You must make him (stop)that moise.

2.Do you have any problems_________(fly)kites?

3.A_________person should speak to others_________.(polite)

4.( )Eddie is eight years old ,but we have seven candles only,we need___candle.

A. only one B.one more C. some more D.one much


6.( )Then he walks to______bus stop.

A.an B.a C.the D./

7.( )He works in a factory about ten ____from his home.

A.metres B.kilometers C.minutes D.hours


1.( )He knocked the glass of water ____my desk when he came_____.

A.down in B.down into C.off into D.off in

2.She is the _________(slim)girl in my class.

3.in 和 into 的区别:_________________________________________

4.He put down the receiver(听筒)without a and went back to bed.


1.( )To our____,the great writer Mo Yan will come to our city next week.

A.joy B.hope C.work D.wishes

2.( )Sometimes friends move away .Then we feel very______.

A.angry B.sad C.happy D.alone

3. How ________ you watch TV.

4.( )It is surprising to find_____we like the new people when we get to know them.

A.how often B.how long C.how many D.how much

5. Bad_______

___________TV takes away much good time for other things.


1. My best friend Wang Lin often comes first in the music_____________(竞赛)

2. The__________(high) of this mountain is about 4500 metres.

3. Tom has ______(many)erasers but _______(few) pens than I.

4. He is always hardworking because he thinks the busier he is ,the_____ (happy) he will be.

5.( )Nothing_____is______ than this joke.

A.other funnier B.other, more funny C.else, funnier D. else, mour funny

6.( )Bob skates______ than I,but he doesn’t skate _______my brother.

A.better, so well as B.better, as good as C.muchwell, as well as D.well,as good as

7.( )________of the two giris is Lucy.

A.The pretty B.The prettier C.More pretty D.Well


1.( )It’s so difficult a question. I think he will have problems ______.

A.work it out B.working it out C.in working out it D.work out it

2.( )______is the weight of the little tortoise? It ____only 150 grams.

A.Howmuch,weigh B.How heavy,weigh C.What,weighs D.How many,weighs

3.( )Would you please ____make so much noise?I am reading a book , _______.

Anot to,Sorry ,I don’t B.not,Sorry,I won’t C,don’t,Yes,I will Ddon’t,No,I don’t

4.( )The books are so interesting,I just can’t decide_______.

A.which to choose B. to choose which C, how to choose D.to choose what

5.( )Cathy is one of my ___friends at school.

A .well B.good C.better D.the best

6.( )I think it’s a foos way to ____.

A.keep health B. make fit C. stay healthy D. be health

7.________give up.

When others don’t think you are right ,you should believe in yourself.

8. I have three best friends at school. They are all good students.

Jacky is the y 1 of them. He was born in 1995. But he is very tall, about 1.70 meters! He is a sporty(爱运动的) boy. He likes playing basketball. And he is really good at it. He is the centre(中锋) in our basketball team. Jacky says he wants to be a basketball player when he g 2 up.

Peter is the oldest. He is two years o 3 than Jacky. But he is shorter than Jacky. He doesn’t s 4 much time on sports. He likes music. He is crazy(狂热的)about Jay Chou’s songs. And he c 5 everything about Jay Chou. He says R&B is so cool. Of course, we often s 6 music together.

And Mary, a lovely girl. She always wears a s 7 on her face. She is a top student in our class. She is good at all her l 8 . If we have any p 9 with our lessons, we will go to her. It seems nothing is difficult to her!

I am so l 10 to have them as my friends. And we often have a good time together. Would you like to make friends with them?

1._________ 2._________ 3_________ 4__________ 5___________

6___________ 7___________ 8__________ 9__________ 10___________


1.( )The _____of China is very popular and many people like it.

A. Sound B. Music C. Voice D. Noise

2. ( )Han Han is one of _____teenager wreters today,though some old writers don’t like him very much.

A. more famous B. most famous C . the most famous D/ famous

3.( ) I’m sorry Ican’t go with you tonight.There will be a test tomorrow.

__________. Maybe mext time.

A. Sorry to hear that. B. No,problem . C. I don’t think so . D. It doesn’t matter.


There was once a lonely girl who wanted love very much. One day while ?she was walking in theforests, she found two dying birds. She took them home and put them in a small ___1___. She was?happy to have two \自由) . It wanted?to fly into the clear, blue __8___. So she lifted ?it ?from the cage and let it fly away highly.? ?The ?bird?circled once, twice, and three times. The girl?___?9 __as the bird flew.? ?She didn't ?care?about losing?the bird any more. She wanted it to be happy. Suddenly the bird flew closer and landed softly on hershoulder. It sang the?___10 __song she had ever heard. The fastest way to lose love is to hold on it too tightly, and the best way to keep love is to give it?wings.

(??? ) 1. A. box????????

(?? )2.A. looked for?

(???) 3. A. stronger???

(???? ) 4. A. listen?????

(???? ) 5. A. love???????

(???? ) 6. A. one????????

(????) 7. A. outside????

(???? ) 8. A. sea????????

(????)9.A. watched????

(????)10.A. worst??????

B. basket?????

B. looked at??

B. lazier?????

B. make???????

B. joke???????

B, the other??

B. inside?????

B. hill???????

B. saw????????

B. oldest????

C. cage????????

C. looked after

C. weaker??????

C. describe????

C. luck????????

C. another?????

C. beside??????

C. forest??????

C. guided??????

C. newest??????

D. bag??????????

D. looked over??

D. smaller??????

D. hear?????????

D. wish?????????

D. other????????

D. behind???????

D. sky??????????

D. escaped??????

D. sweetest???


1. Can you tell me the _______(高) of the table?

2. He is 1.80 metres______(高).That’s to say he is 1.80 meters in ______ (高度).

3.( )Cathy is _______of the twins.

A . shorter B the shorter C shortest D the shortest

4.( )_____ he is ,______he feels.

A. The busier, the happy B. the busy ,the happy

C . The busier, the happier D . the busier ,The happiest

5. Would you please __________________(not open )the door?It’s so cold.

6.Linda will be very sad if she __________________(not see) you.

7.There____________________________________(be)an English party tonight ,isn’t there?

8. Please keep _______________(try)vntil you can make it.

9. Why? It is because, if you watch TV, you cannot take P in many other good??a . And sometimes, if you are unhappy, you??u prefer being a couch potato(整天坐在沙发上看电视的人),right? Watching TV is relaxing to you.


1.Tom is a _________(英俊的)and helpful young man.

2. Do you have problems ____________(travel)around the world alone?

3. ( )How old are you ,madam?

A. I don’t know B. Sorry,I don’t want to tell you .

C, Oh,it’s a secret, D. Don’t ask me such a question

4. Last night,Kate ‘s dog was ill,she was very w about it.


1. I hope Jim _______a famous singer in the future.(become)

2. ( )Bettyy writes________than________student in her class.

A. more carefully, any B. more carefullyy,any other

C, more careful, any other D. more carefully, the other

3. ( )Ton’s uncle knows computers well, and he _____ a computer engineer.

A, maybe B. may be C. may be is D. may is

4. ( )Shanghai is bigger than _____in Shandong and bigger than _____in China.

A. any city ,any city B. any city ,any other city

C. any other city ,the other cities D. any other city ,any city

5. ( )This pen is ______of the two pens.

A. the better B. the best C, better D, best


1. Why do you like watching English films online instead or on TV?

Because there are always ______advertisdments online. (更少)

2. Daniel does lessons as _____as his brother . (care )

3. I hope you will be much _________ than before . (healthy)

4. Can you tell me the difference between ________English and Amerecan English?(Britain)

5. Teenagers always have problems___________studies with their partners. (discuss )

6. ( )He is _____than ____girl in his class.

A. shier ,any other B. shier ,any C. moue shy ,the other D, shiest ,the other

7. ( )We heard a story ________end of our English class yesterday.

A, in the B, to the C, at D, at the

8,The beaches in Dalian aer ____than _____in Lianyungang.

A about what to buy B much nicer,those C nicer,/ D,nicer ,that

9. Look!The whole family are discussing _______for the birthday party.

A, about what to buy B what to buy C about to buy what D to buy what

10, The school library__1___good service(服务),for example the air-conditioner(空调)is always on and __2____drinks are always ready to give you freshness(新鲜).

( )A, gives to B takes C brings D offers

( )A expensive B free(免费) C most D least

11. ?One day the sun and the wind had a quarrel (争吵). The sun said he was s__1__ than the wind. And?the wind said he was stronger than the sun. Just then they saw a man walking down below, w__2__ a?hat and a coat on. The sun said, \前额).?The sun began to s__9__ a little brighter, and the man took off his coat. It shone harder still, and the man?began to take off his shirt. Then the wind said to the sun, \

1._________ 2._________ 3_________ 4__________ 5___________

6___________ 7___________ 8__________ 9__________ 10___________


“A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Sometimes in life, you find a special friend: someone who changes you life just by being part of it; someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop; someone who convinces( 使相信 ) you that there really is an open door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship.

When you're sad, and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full; Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows; If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on; Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be ok.And if you find such a friend, you feel happy because you need not worry. You have a forever friend for life and forever has no end.

Forever friendship

?What’s a __1__friend like?

___2__ your life just by being part of it.Make you laugh until you can’t stop.Make you___3__ that there really is a way of __4_ problems.

?What’s forever friendship like in time of____5__?

When you are not ___6_, your forever friend can cheer you up. Your forever friend can help you turn the ___7_ and empty world into a bright and full one. With the help of your forever friend, you can go through the difficult and sad times more ___8_.

Wherever you go, he will follow you. You can turn to him for help even when you lose your way.Nothing can worry you if you find a ___9_friend.


It’s ___10__ for all of us to find forever friendship.

1._________ 2._________ 3_________ 4__________ 5___________

6___________ 7___________ 8__________ 9__________ 10___________


On the first day of this school year, I noticed a boy sitting at the back of my classroom. I began to spend lots of time 1 him. He never smiled or talked with his classmates. He was always quiet 2 his classmates told jokes. I went to his third-grade teacher and she said, “Yes, thats John. He is always that way all year.” All the class knew he was still like before, 3 I didnt want him to be like that this year.?

  One day this February, when I was passing the classroom, I had a look at 4 suddenly and he smiled at me for the first time! I was so 5 ?

  but happy! I stood there for a moment, went over to him and put my 6 around him. He didnt reply to the hug, but he smiled! The first change that Id seen all year! He was 7 a little more while he was with his classmates. And the biggest thing was that he developed a good relationship with me. A few minutes after “the smile”, I 8   and found him cleaning the classroom. He said in a very shy voice, “I want to 9 you.”?

  I was sick last week and when I was in hospital, he sent me a card which said, “Miss King, the best teacher in the whole world, I hope you feel 10 soon.” Seeing that little card, I knew why I loved what I was doing.?


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