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Review of How the Steel Was Tempered

How the Steel Was Tempered is a novel created Nikolayerich Aleksandr Ostrovsky. This novel describes a hero, who inspires several generations in China, Pavel Korchagin.

Pavel was borned in a poor family, his father died early, and mother washed clothes to support his family. His brother was a platelayer. When Pavel was in primary school, he teased his priest, and then he was expelled. After this, he came across with Tonya, and became friends with her. At the influence of Zhukhrai, Pavel known that Bolshevik is a party standing for poor people. Then he left his home, left Tonya, to take part in Bolshevik, became a steel soldier of Bolshevik. But because several injures, his body was from bad to worse. His right leg was crippled, injury in vertebra breaks out, and at last, he was paralyzed. But he didn’t give up, on the contrary, he began his writing life, becoming a writer, to realize his ideal in another way.

After reading this novel, I am deeply touched by Pavel’s whole life. When he was seriously sick, he lost his fighting capacity, he still fought with ill, did his best to writing. What gives him the power to create, work indefatigably until the end of his living? In his hole life, there was so many shocking story. He tempered a indestructible mind for himself, at the same time, his behavior lightened others’ lives.

Pavel Korchagin, a hero admired by several generations, he has tenacious character, he can do his cause at any environment. To realize his ideal, he is ready to fight, and he is willing to sacrifice his love and his family. He has said that he

belongs to party first, and then belongs to Tonya and relatives. Pavel’s this kind of spirit is really a shock to all of us.

There is a very very famous passage in this novel, “The human most precious thing is the life, the life belongs to us only then one time. Human's life must pass like this: When he looks back on the past events he because of does not waste one's best years lamented, also not because of unsuccessfully and ashamed. Like this at his at the point of death time can say that,I already all give to my entire life and the complete energy in the world the grandest enterprise - - to struggle for humanity's liberation.” This passage has being believed by many generations, not only in China, but also in the whole world. And influenced by Pavel and his story, many heroes like Pavel appeared in that time.

How the steel was tempered? Steel is tempered by active fire. In this novel, Pavel was the steel, and his experiences through his life were the fire. There is a saying goes, “No cross, No crown”. We should be thankful to all the difficulties in our lives, because, we will benefit from these difficulties and then we will really grow up. Just like Pavel, he has been sold by his friends, been abandoned by his lover. However, just because these things, Pavel firmed his belief to revolution, becomes a great hero.

How the Steel Was Tempered is not only a novel praised by generations in that time, but it is also a light lighting our modern youth’ road. That means, we should learn from Pavel, firm our ideals, establish correct world outlook, philosophy and philosophy and viewpoint of value.


Recently, reading the \

paragraph: \

Almost no one willing Yong Ping mediocre life, because even the grass is also working hard to add a trace of green for spring, hope colourful curl Spring left his own shadow. However, not everyone will be on a piece of good steel smelting.

Well, How to Make Steel? I believe that the mind must be that of the steel-making scenes of raging flames. In fact, life is like steel! Nothing is born, \

deteriorating health, he still did not yield, and finally from a poor boy who grew to be a lofty ideal , noble character and indomitable style communist fighter.

Life, it can be said is a rough and tortuous road. Journey in life, you will encounter many difficulties, the face of failure to go to combat and not understanding the suffering of people, and so on.

However, all these are short-lived. Overcome this obstacle in overcoming difficulties, Recalling path, we will realize that it is tempering the flame of life. The number of heroes, the great people, are the flames of burning out the exercise, as is often said: \

Only set a lofty ideal, to create excellent quality, and pursuit of life in the right target, he would not be dragged down by life, it will not be overwhelmed by misfortune, he will be in the raging flames of suffering strong and matured, to love life, to equip themselves to meet a better tomorrow.Today's society is highly competitive information society, knowledge-based economy has shown initial signs of a clue. Judging from the international community, peace and development become the main theme of the times, the international economy, science and technology carried out around the face of growing competition, focus on countries to seize the commanding heights of development in the 21st century, which makes our country is faced with new opportunities and new challenges. China's \

comprehensive revitalization of the opportunities and challenges. Country needs knowledgeable, strong-minded and decisive approach, innovative talent. Therefore, we have no choice but to knowledge across the rough, move forward!

The 21st century is about to ring the bell, we stand on the threshold of the new century, the search for heroes of the past complex remodeling \


The summer I read the online \

This book is mainly about: Paul from a young age growing up in grievances and early lost his father, the mother does laundry, cooking, elder brother was an ordinary worker. Paul 12-year-old, the mother took him to the station canteen when the fatigue, he worked in the cafeteria for two years, suffered as a result of the bullying. However, the road behind him is even gloomier. Shortly

thereafter, Paul blind, paralyzed body, but in this case he is still sticking to write on their own without pity. Compared to him and people and writing a word will have to pay double the price. Hard work pays off, he finally succeeded in writing a \

I read, read, Paul's face that determination, as if in my eyes, he, an ordinary soldier, there will of iron. What is encouraging his forces to push forward his then? It is not that great cause of communism. This is his tenacious fight with the disease of power.

篇三:how the steel was ,,,(钢铁是怎样炼成的英文读后感)

How the steel was tempered

This holiday, I read a book named “how the steel was tempered”. It’s created by NikolayerichAleksandrOstrovsky. The leading character in this novel is PavelKorchagin.PavelKorchagin is a hero,and he inspires me a lot.

Povel was bored in a poor family.his father died early,and his mother wash clothes for other people. He joined the army after the October Revolution and became a firm soldier. Unfortunately his body became more and more bad and paralysis finally. But he didn’t upside because of thatPovel didn’t lose his heart and still studied, work hard and even write books. How people should live make sense? Povel with his own action answered this question. He struggled with illness and he created a book finally. Povel is a brave people, he mostly dead four times, but he overcame illness.Povel’s spirit is just like iron, it become steel after experience a lot of difficulties. He

didn’t give up even face so many trouble, his sprit is valuable. His sprit not only give me inspire, but also inspired a lot of people. Although, he is blind and disabled, he also insist on writing .Those things tell us that we can’t lose heart when we face trouble. We can do better than we think. If we overcome those trouble, we also can become hero like Povel.

In my opinion, everyone will have trouble and we will feel upside,but wecan’tshrink back we should like Povel that to be a iron man and remember we can overcome it and








的(来自:WwW. : 英文读后感钢铁 )确,这并没有错。然而,当我第二次翻开时,我不禁想到,是什么让他有了这种钢铁精神?也许,是对苏维埃政权的向往。但在我看来,那是因为他有一副铮铮铁骨。而这,即使自强。



拥有自强的灵魂,就拥有了这世间最坚不可摧的力量,指引我们未来。 伏尔泰说:“对着困难摇头就无权在胜利面前微笑”。毛泽东说:“最无益,只怕一日曝十日寒”。


在作品中,保尔进行了多次斗争,从苏维埃的弱小到强大,从自己的卑微到人格的绽放,靠的就是这种自强精神。华夏子孙更应当如此,中国应该如此。 宝剑亮,事竟成,破釜沉舟,百二秦关终属楚;钢铁出,天不负,卧薪尝胆,三千越甲可吞吴。正是因为有了这种自强精神,才引领我们走向复兴。

“千锤万凿出深山,烈火焚身若等闲” ,保尔以这种顽强不屈的精神,征服了所有的读者。纵使他负伤不得不退出战场,但他仍然在后方不停的努力奉献。纵使他两腿瘫痪、双目失明,他仍坚决拿起手中的笔,与命运作斗争。我似乎看到了一条腾飞的巨龙,遨游于天际,彰显气魄,向暴风雨出发。这又何尝不是中国魂——自强的灵魂。



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